The physiology of a human hands.


We do not give absurd and impracticable promises. The physiology is such that human hands are sweating and the epidermis is exfoliating. Of course, it accumulates between windings or sticks to a protective covering. There is a number of destructive effects on the strings that degrade the sound. This is a natural stretch due to the fluidity of the metal and rubbing the string on the fret. For this reason, the winding wire is wiped. Especially on the third string G. The string geometry is bent. Therefore, do not look for eternal strings. They don’t exist. The attempts to increase the life of the string (such as a coating) leads to a deterioration of its sound. Just change the strings with a certain frequency. How often? It depends on your style of playing (taping, bending, vibrato), on your physiological state and even on humidity and dustiness in the studio or at the concert. The effects of artificial fog on the stage and much more yet.

Just focus on the pleasure of creativity.