ORPHEUS Acoustic Guitar Strings.

ORPHEUS Acoustic Guitar Strings.

70/30 bronze wound. The wound wire is 70% copper, the other 30% is zinc. It is bronze. Bronze has got to be the brightest and most articulate acoustic guitar strings available. Since copper is highly corrosive, the zinc component helps slow down the aging process and adds additional hardness. The 70/30 mix is excellent for creating a string that yields fantastic tonal range and shimmer and brassy sound.

Anti-rust coating. Uncoated bronze sets can be highly corrosive and can lose their brilliance after a few hours of playing. That`s why ORPHEUS Acoustic Guitar Strings have a special anti-rust coating. Our coating technology has completely changed this factor. The core is made of steel.

Easy tuning. ORPHEUS strings will stay in tune for a long period. Tuning is breeze and precise. This will give you confidence at your concerts and studio sessions.

Confident bending. The more articulate your playing, the more effectively you are able to express yourself. String bendingĀ is one of the most important aspects of playing a melody. Without articulation, that voice-like quality, your phrasing will lack dramatic expression and can end up sounding dull and uninteresting. With ORPHEUS Classical Guitar Strings you can safely bend or make a vibrato on any string with your fingers.